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    Ohio State’s hiring of new assistant coach Dave Dickerson, the Memorial Tournament, the commitment of superstar quarterback Braxton Miller to OSU, Evan Turner being selected No. 2 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA draft, David Lighty breaking the same bone in his left foot and LeBron James’ monumental free agent decision. has been there along the way, guiding your hand during the Ohio’s biggest sports stories this summer. However, even with all that thorough coverage a few trinkets got lost and swept under the rug.

    Not anymore.

    We have compiled some of the best leftover quotes from those articles and others in rapid-fire attempt to either catch you up on what you may have missed the last couple months or further enlighten the situation.

    Here then are some of the extra quotes that got away:

    Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta on some publications already hailing the Buckeyes as a top-five team for next season –
    “I think that was when Evan was coming back.”

    Matta on the makeup of his team with four returning starters and six well-rated freshmen to fill in the cracks – “The exciting thing for me is when we get into October (seeing) what it is guys have improved on and what are they going to bring to the table as well as how are the new guys going to fit into the mesh. I think that’s the biggest challenge we have.”

    Newly named Cleveland Cavalier coach Byron Scott on the prospect of the franchise re-signing James – “I think at the end of the day, he’s going to make the right decision, and he’ll be here in Cleveland for the rest of his career. His legacy of winning championships in his hometown will be like nothing he’s seen in his life. There’s nothing like winning at home. I won three titles in my hometown, and there’s not a better feeling.”

    A veteran PGA reporter on the fact that Jack Nicklaus has sent just one e-mail in his entire life – “It said, one word: Test. That was it. It went through, but apparently it didn’t change his mind. He was done with it.”

    Jim Furyk at The Memorial on whether or not Tiger Woods still has an aura and an edge on his competitors – “I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t. He hasn’t played for a while. He might have played poorly for an event or two. You tell me what’s your inclination?” (Reporter: My inclination is that you can’t trust that he’s going to bring it every week. Do you feel he’s still driving the ball good enough to compete week-in, week-out?) “What’s your handicap? I think you’re stirring the pot. I would disagree with your opinion on his game. He hasn’t played. Give it some time. Everybody wants too much too quick.”

    Phenom Rory McIlroy, 21, on Nicklaus’ impact on golf today – “I had lunch with him in West Palm Beach in February during the Honda tournament and he’s a very special man. He gives up a lot of his time. And for him to put on a tournament like this for us and boost us so well and make us feel so welcome, it’s really, really special.”

    Miller of Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne on why he chose Ohio State – “They only offered one quarterback, and that was me. I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s a blessed opportunity right there.’ Florida already has offered another quarterback and he already committed. O-State, I feel like they wanted me. I’m from Ohio and the Buckeye fans, I like them. They’re ecstatic, too.”

    Wayne coach Jay Minton on Miller’s choice – “I’m relieved that it’s over for him. It was such a major decision in his life. They say there are two big ones: who you are going to marry and where you’re going to go to school when you’re a great athlete like that. He’s got one of them out of the way and he can focus in on finishing high school strong and progressing for his college.”

    Dickerson on his time served as head coach at Tulane – “At Tulane, it was a rough, very difficult five years. I took the job four months before Katrina, so I felt like I was in transition every year there with the storm and everything and the aftermath. So initially I thought about not doing anything for a year. Really, in all honesty, that was probably my first choice, to sit back and gather myself and try to replenish myself as far as the coaching profession. But when this opportunity came up at Ohio State, this is a job that is one of the best jobs in the country. It’s just a win-win situation.”

    Dickerson on how his recent experience could be a boon to Matta – “The one thing about being a head coach is that it gives you an outlook of the total program as far as the university, the community, the landscape of recruiting, just everything. And I’ll take those experiences that I’ve gathered at Tulane over the last five years to help Coach Matta and the rest of the staff just to further along the program.”

    Matta on why he tabbed Dickerson for the job soon after Alan Major left to become the head coach at Charlotte – “I’ve just always been impressed with him and how he carried himself. When Alan was going through the process, in my mind there was one guy we were going to go after. And that’s the way we’ve always done it: We choose one, we go after him, and if we don’t get him we move on to the next one.”

    Matta on Lighty somehow shrugging off fracturing the fifth metatarsal in his foot for a second time – “Dave’s got a great outlook on life, number one. He was down when it happened. It took him a little over a week to say, ‘OK, this is what it is’ and away we go. But he’s such a high-energy kid that even with one foot he’s coming at you.”

    Lighty, after Turner’s announcement of leaving school early, on how his buddy might fit in the NBA – “I think it just depends on what team drafts him and what they have already. That’s pretty much what it always is to me, I feel. He can play anywhere, I believe, one through three. With his skill set, they can use him a lot of different ways.”

    Turner assessing how he played for the Sixers during the NBA Summer League – “I know I have to be in shape to compete with this type of competition. It’s a lot more competition, and everybody down here is playing so hard. They’re playing to get or keep a job and put food on the table, and I got my butt kicked. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve gotten my butt kicked.”

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OSU ended the season with two straight losses, allowing 34 points in the B1G title game with Michigan State and 40 more vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The D needs work, but what should Urban Meyer fix first?

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