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  • Midseason Football Goodies

    With college football’s regular season now more than halfway complete, it is time to sweep up the loose quotes that remain – but didn’t slip the grasp of

    Ohio State has suffered a loss at the hands of Wisconsin but the journey to that point has been eventful as the team has dealt with high expectations, injuries to key players, constant questions regarding the development of quarterback Terrelle Pryor, rankings, etc.

    Even during the Buckeyes’ 6-0 start, there were challenges and some personal moments of doubt. And there were interviews sessions – lots and lots of interview sessions.

    Not every entertaining quote made it into the many articles that accompanied those events, but thankfully we still have reason to unveil those missed bites here in Quote Me. They follow:

    Former Michigan and current Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talking about UM on the “Mad Dog” radio show – “If you can’t beat Ohio State it’s a waste of a season as far as I’m concerned.”

    Pryor upon hearing that Michigan QB Denard Robinson was injured over the weekend – “Hopefully he recovers very soon, hopefully he doesn’t have a lot of pain and he’s back on the field this weekend. He’s electrifying. That’s the word I would come up with when you bring up Denard Robinson.”

    OSU defense end Cameron Heyward on Robinson’s impressive start – “He’s definitely been explosive. He’s running up and down the field. No one’s been able to stop him.”

    Senior defensive back Tyler Moeller on why he would apply for a medical redshirt after another painful, season-ending injury – “Why would I want to keep playing football? Because I love it. People look at my situation and feel sorry for me and a lot of people have been through worse than me.”

    Wide receiver DeVier Posey on his daily motivation – “The guys I get dressed with in the locker room every day are some of my best friends. Those are some of the guys what are probably going to be in my wedding one day. Anytime you can add that element into it, having a friend play next to you, it just gives you that extra edge. It makes you want to fight for your teammate. I really feel like that’s the difference, how close we are.”

    Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock when asked to explain how Eastern Michigan QB Alex Gillett was able to hit some big passing plays against the Buckeyes – “But if you watch the film from last week, if you’d seriously sit down and watch it … or if you called him and asked him, he’d say he got hit pretty good.”

    Center Mike Brewster, a Florida native, just days before the Buckeyes were about to host the Miami Hurricanes, explaining his decision to attend Ohio State – “I caught a lot of stuff from people like, ‘Why are you going to go there? They can’t beat the big SEC teams. They can’t beat Florida. Why don’t you just go to Florida?’ I just went with my gut instinct and got as many good guys around me as I could. I surrounded myself with a lot of great talent, which added into the talent that was already here – we’ve all just kind of jelled as a class this year – it’s paying off right now.”

    OSU head coach Jim Tressel on Brutus Buckeye being attacked by Rufus Bobcat – “That was a different one. I was standing at the National Anthem and I heard some of our guys talking, ‘Hey, did you see that mascot?’ And I’m thinking, ‘You’re thinking about the mascot?’ I didn’t know it was live mascot week (as in live tackling). And I saw Brutus over at the Block O event last night and asked him if he was going to be ready for Saturday, and he’s probable from an injury report standpoint.”

    Posey on the prospect of facing his brother, Julian, a cornerback for Ohio University – “I remember last time we played my freshman year he told me he was going to line up and hit me in my face for all the times he left the living room and I stole the remote or I took his seat when we were at the dinner table or something.”

    Posey on the matchup after the game – “I was hoping I could have gotten him on the ground. That would have been something nice that I could have bragged about. And I wanted to give him a stiff-arm because he thinks he knows all my moves and I wanted to bring something new.”

    Offensive guard Justin Boren on wanting to win the battle up front with the Bobcats – “Some of our offensive linemen are getting absolutely killed, and that’s something where you can’t take it for granted. I don’t think you need motivation. We watched the film, we saw what happened in ’08, and we know we can’t let that happen this year.”

    Cornerback Devon Torrence on how teammate C.J. Barnett immediately dealt with news that he would be lost for the season with a knee injury – “C.J., he’s a cool kid, man. He’s not down or anything like that. He’s a happy, joking guy all the time, so he’s not really down. He’s doing all right. We’ll keep our prayers with him and he should be back soon.”

    Tressel on Heyward’s 80-yard interception return against Miami (Fla.) – “That play was extraordinary because it was down in the red zone. I was shocked how far he got. I kept thinking that someone was going to catch up to him and strip the ball a la (Maurice) Clarett and Sean Taylor because he was swinging it out there. The other impact it had is he was tired for about 15 minutes. That was a long run for a big guy.”

    Linebacker Brian Rolle after the win over the ’Canes – “We’ve got a little swagger ourselves and I feel like our defense out-swagged theirs.”

    Brewster on how much he considered going to Miami before opting for OSU – “In ninth grade I really wanted to go there. Then they fired all their coaches. Obviously things change.”

    Wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher on where he was when the Buckeyes beat Miami in January 2003 to claim the national championship – “I was in seventh grade, I want to say, and I was at my friend’s house back in Toledo, Ohio. You’re not in junior high sitting there on the couch watching Mike Doss and all those great players thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, that could be me one day as well.’ ”

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  • Spring Football Leftovers, Etc.

    The whole intention of this section is to be able to present to the reader the few quotes that are still worthwhile but didn’t make their way into various articles for whatever reason.

    With April winding down, it seemed appropriate to devote much of this version to the aftermath of spring football. The Buckeyes concluded their 15-practice spring format on April 24 in Ohio Stadium with the Scarlet and Gray Game, which had to be termed a qualified success.

    The Gray won an exciting contest, 17-14, with a last-minute touchdown pass from Kenny Guiton to Taurian Washington as about half of the announced crowd of more than 65,000 stuck around long enough to witness the heroics.

    However, there were other developments in recent weeks including the departure of superstar swingman Evan Turner from the Ohio State basketball team and the able bats that the OSU baseball team put on display in moving to the top of the Big Ten standings.

    Here then is the latest edition of Quote Me:

    OSU wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, captain of the Scarlet team for the spring game, on his squad bypassing Jaamal Berry to draft Jermil Martin – “There was a little bit of a divide with the players in one ear and the coaches in the other ear. Jaamal’s a great running back, but he’s had a little bit of an injury issue this spring. I’m sure he’ll play and I’m sure he’ll run hard. But just looking at the practices, I really liked how Martin is running the ball.”

    Linebacker Ross Homan on what the defense accomplished in the spring practices – “We had some faces to replace, guys like Thad (Gibson) and Kurt (Coleman), who are great playmakers. I think that we’ve done that. We’re not where we want to be right now, though. We’re constantly trying to get better – front seven and secondary. There are things we need to get better at and hopefully we’ll correct those before we get to fall camp.”

    Defensive end Cameron Heyward on the importance of spring – “I think it’s very important. Going out here now, it’s only going to prepare us for the fall. Everything is not guaranteed and you want to take advantage of the time you have. The more practice you get, the better you’re going to get.”

    Backup lineman Jack Mewhort on shifting from center to guard – “Playing in the system and being a center is like being a scientist. It takes a couple years to get everything down. It was hard.”

    Sanzenbacher on the development on young wideout Chris Fields – “He’s another guy like Kenny that made a lot of huge steps this spring. He worked hard in the film room part of it. Chris has always been a guy that had the athletic part of it. Obviously, you don’t get a scholarship here unless you’re athletic enough to play. He just needed to get the mental part down. When you’re prepared for something, you can play a lot faster, so I think we’ll see more of that.”

    Fourth-year junior David Lighty on whether he flirted with leaving school early for a shot at the NBA like his teammate Turner – “His decision is probably a lot harder than mine. I looked into it a little bit. I’ll probably think about entering the draft next year.”

    Jon Diebler, a 6-6 shooting guard, on the possibility of playing some point guard next season in the absence of Turner – “I wouldn’t mind it. I did a little of it in high school. I just want to do whatever is going to help us win. It’s going to be my last year and Dave’s last year and we’re all going to work on our ball handling skills and do what we need to do to get better.”

    Diebler on incoming freshman Aaron Craft, who also could get some time at PG – “He’s a tough kid, and what Aaron does really well is he can defend. He’s a guy whose dad coached him in middle school and he knows a lot about the game. His IQ is really high.”

    OSU football coach Jim Tressel on the idea of Big Ten expansion – “I think when it comes down to it, those decisions will be made at the presidential level and the commissioner’s level and perhaps the athletic directors will have part and parcel to it. But major decisions like that happen well above where I sit.”

    Outgoing OSU men’s basketball assistant Alan Major on how he’ll approach recruiting as the new head coach at Charlotte – “The No. 1 thing I need to clarify is our motto at Ohio State was ‘We got ’em.’ There was no ‘This is my guy’ or ‘That is my his guy.’ We recruited them together and we coached them together. We don’t want guys to be territorial. I think Charlotte and the state of North Carolina is loaded. We have to earn the right to get kids to look at Charlotte. We’re not an ACC school. And that’s fine. But we’re going to operate like a first-class program.”

    OSU outfielder Zach Hurley on hitting a home run that cleared the right-field wall of Bill Davis Stadium and bounced all the way to the Jack Nicklaus Museum – “I’m going to have to let some of the guys know about that because they give me a hard time because I’m old. They give me a hard time about being 23 and being around here for five years.”

    Basketbal head coach Thad Matta on his team’s victory over Florida State way back in early December – “I remember after that game driving home saying to myself, ‘We’ve got a shot.’ ”

    Top basketball signee Jared Sullinger on his Ronald McDonald-like yellow tinted shoes he wore during the McDonald’s All-American Game – “I kind of like them. I scored 22 points in them so I might as well keep them.”

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OSU ended the season with two straight losses, allowing 34 points in the B1G title game with Michigan State and 40 more vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The D needs work, but what should Urban Meyer fix first?

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