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OSU ended the season with two straight losses, allowing 34 points in the B1G title game with Michigan State and 40 more vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The D needs work, but what should Urban Meyer fix first?

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Love will be a big asset but had his hands full Monday.

Cavs, Bulls Stage Eastern Conference Finals Preview 

by JEFF RAPP / 10.21.14 / 9:30am

All was as it was supposed to be Monday as the Cleveland Cavaliers tangled with the Chicago Bulls in an NBA preseason game Monday night at The Schott. The Cavs won, their stars shone, and a sellout crowd enjoyed the up-close view. However, as the editor points out, Chicago just may be built to get in the way of LeBron James' quest for glory in C-Town. 


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This December's annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge has several tasty treats including OSU-Louisville.


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Is J.T. Going To Be A-OK At QB?



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October 17

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It’s going to haunt all of us, I imagine, for a little while.

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